Characteristics of the specialty 073 Management (International Business Management)

The need for training in the educational and professional program “International Business Management” is due to the fact that in today’s globalization, international relations between economic entities of different countries are becoming increasingly complex, in connection with which there are difficulties and contradictions in the process their formation. In such conditions, the role of each country in international economic relations is steadily growing, which requires adequate provision of an effective model of international business management taking into account modern international needs, because doing international business is not only entering a new foreign market, taking into account its cultural component, but and the constant accumulation of knowledge, culture of the regions with the further development and search for the most adapted model of behaviour, vision of problems and ways to solve them, which generates a favourable climate for development.

In Ukraine international business is only at an early stage of development. The country seeks to become a full partner in the global and European communities, and this requires the expansion and strengthening of international economic activity of domestic business units.

Interregional cooperation with European partners provides business representatives in Ivano-Frankivsk region with ample opportunities to establish close ties in the field of realization of economic and investment potential of the region; borrowing experience in doing business, as well as the introduction of modern production methods using the latest technologies. That is why there is a need for specialists who are well aware of trends and analyse the patterns of development of the global market environment, as well as have masterful command skills in using mechanisms for managing international business, finding effective management strategies, attracting international experience in times of instability.

Given the above, we believe that the intensification of European integration processes and strengthening the role of business entities in their provision, highlights the need for training in the educational and professional program “International Business Management” in the Precarpathia and related areas.


The purpose of training and competence of future specialists in the specialty “International Business Management”

The main purpose of training specialists in the educational and professional program “International Business Management” is to provide students with fundamental knowledge of the theory and practice of the world economy at the corporate level, the formation of international management and marketing, human resources and personnel management in international corporations, foreign and Ukrainian companies that are participants in foreign economic activity, risk minimization and implementation of prospects from international trade in goods and services, international capital movements, technology transfer and innovation, international finance and implementation of international business projects.

To achieve this goal, students must master the skills:

– of development, management decisions in the field of international business relations;

– of preparing analytical documents that reflect the state and prospects of the company in the international market;

– of developing strategies to build the image and brand of the company to promote corporate or national interests.;

– of analysis and promotion of foreign economic interests of national businesses in the international market;

– to develop a program to ensure the economic security of a company that is a subject of international business relations;

– of monitoring the business environment in individual countries or regions;

– of implementing a risk management system for international businesses;

– to ensure the economic efficiency of entrepreneurship in companies engaged in foreign economic activity;

– of conducting research and consulting activities in the field of international business.